Monday, October 20, 2014

About Erev Moshiach

The words here are from a Jewish boy who, at the time, was 6 years old.  He described a well-formed and coherent conception of the Redemption, something which corresponds to what is written in Torah sources (some of which are cited below) and which were verified by a highly-respected mekubal in Israel.

Some may remember these words, as they were posted on the site "ErevMoshiach" in 2005.  There was much anticipation that year that the redemption would occur, as many may recall.

We are posting Erev Moshiach anew on this blog, in anticipation that this year, 5776, will see the revelation of Moshiach and the true redemption.  These visions, bordering on the prophetic, of a young boy were surely sent for the intent of awakening an anticipation of the end of exile.

May we merit very, very soon to greet our righteous King Moshiach amidst joy and happiness.

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